About Me

Hello! My name is Kelly Locke and I am PASSIONATE about helping woman have a natural, empowered, more comfortable birth experience.

How did I get here?

In 2014, for the birth of my first child I knew I wanted to prepare for a natural birth and diligently took classes and prepared with my husband-coach. While that birthing experience brought us our awesome, perfect son it was not the birth experience we had envisioned…by a long shot.

When I was expecting my second son, I heard about Hypnobabies and was quickly hooked! By connecting the mind and body and providing tools to retrain how the mind perceives the discomforts of birth, it provided the missing part to the natural birth training we had already done!

By using the Hypnobabies program I healed from my previous birth experience and prepared for a better birth experience…it was as amazing and empowering as it sounds!

I believe sharing is caring!

I couldn’t keep this wonderful powerful program to myself and if we’ve met you’ve probably heard me talk about! When the opportunity came up to get certified and teach classes I jumped all-in…is there any other way?

And helping people is a blessing.

Now as a certified Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor and Hypno-Doula, I am doing my part to have a positive impact on the birthing world. Teaching moms and birth partners how to use the Hypnobabies program and being part of this special time in their lives is a dream I am thankful for each day!

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