The last time your body went through this many changes you went through puberty. Want to go back to that time of your life? Yeah, me neither! Now your body is growing another human…inside of it! Crazy, I know. Being pregnant is a lot to take in. So many physical changes wrapped up in heightened emotions…thanks hormones.

For some they soak up every single tiny way their body changes to nourish and grow the little one inside of them. For others some of the changes are fraught with negative thoughts or despair. If you are constantly marveling at you miraculous body and the wonder that it is…rock it girl! That body IS amazing and so wonderfully made. On the other hand if you are avoiding pictures…or mirrors, I got your back!

If you are avoiding pictures and mirrors…and you know who you are, first things first, give yourself some grace. Even with all the hangups you have about your body and I promise they are way more numerous than anyone else even thinks about, your body is creating life! Yup, you got to have sex and now your body gets to make a little human all from two tiny little cells. When you really step back to think about it, every pregnancy is a miracle of sorts!

Okay so first off you are this awesome being creating life inside of you but I hear you, why does your butt have to get so big when your baby is growing in your abdomen. Well…all of our bodies are unique and they all know just what each one needs to do to nourish ourselves and the life growing inside of it. I know it sometimes doesn’t feel fair when you look at your tiny petite adorable pregnant friend, but hey just like mom always said, “sometimes life isn’t fair”. Try and focus on all the body changes that you ARE loving.

For some it is finally having what is considered an ample bosom when they were previously not so well endowed. For others its the glow their skin has. For others its simply wearing clothes that are comfortable and stretchy. Hey no judgement here those maternity clothes are comfy as heck! The point is find something that is all your own that you love and then say “thanks body, I appreciate it!”

Okay but what about those pictures and mirrors…well when you go past a mirror focus on that thing that is all yours that you love. With pictures play up what you do love and definitely DO NOT give up on pictures all together. Even if you keep them just for yourself you will treasure them one day, I promise. You will look back at them and then at your growing or grown child and realize your body did that, it created that person and come on you have to admit, that IS kind of amazing.

I want to hear from you! What is one thing you are loving about how your body has changed during pregnancy. Leave a comment and let me know.

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