You feel a bit “off” and think what’s the date? Yup your cycle is officially late so you bust out a stick to pee on and while trying to pace around your bathroom while it does its thing you keep staring at it and BAM a positive pregnancy test! Woo hoo you are preggers! Holy moly your pregnant, cue the happy dancing! Then despite that permanent smile on your face your mind is flooded with a million and one things.

All the way from worries about miscarriage or morning sickness to results of prenatal tests and finally what it will be like to give birth, all of these thoughts may come up. Some might be more present and worrisome than others and some may eventually become a focus of your pregnancy…especially when people share their pregnancy experiences with you.

For some, fear is always present and is a driving force during their pregnancy

For many different reasons the cultural norm in the United States has centered around a techno-medical model when it comes to giving birth. Somewhere along the way the fact that a woman’s body was wonderfully created to give birth has fallen by the wayside and fear has taken hold. This fear gets reinforced when so many well-meaning people share negative aspects of their pregnancy and birth experiences with an expectant woman. We are very blessed that the best medical care is available when needed BUT in most cases it is not and a birthing mother’s body just needs the right environment and tools to bring her baby earthside in a natural, peaceful way.

And this is where Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis comes in

There are many different natural childbirth methods and classes available but none with the same focus, breadth and depth of Hypnobabies.

Hypnobabies is a 6-week, 21 hour comprehensive and complete childbirth education course that focuses on teaching moms and birth partners, medical-grade hypnosis techniques for an easier more comfortable birthing experience.

Hypnobabies goes beyond simple relaxation, breathing, guided imagery and surrendering to the pain of childbirth. Expectant mothers use Hypnobabies workbooks, hypnosis audio tracks and hypnosis scripts to retrain their subconscious mind to perceive labor contractions as pressure or a squeezing-type sensation, pushing/pulling and normal baby movement sensations. By using the deep, medical-grade hypnosis and hypnotic compounding (repeating) learned and practiced, normal birthing sensations can be transformed into pleasurable ones.

Hypno-moms are able to use “Eyes-Open Childbirth Hypnosis”. This allows them to remain deeply in hypnosis while walking, talking, changing positions, communicating with their birthing team and being completely in charge of their birthing experience!

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